Temporal summation results from


Temporal summation results from

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chronic neuropathic pain; multiple sclerosis; chronic low back pain; quantitative sensory testing; conditioned pain modulation; diffuse noxious inhibitory con; temporal summation. Project results in RIV


Skala,V.: Summation Problem Revisited: More Robust Computation, 17th International Conference on Computers – Recent Advances in Computer Science CSCC’13, pp.

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Also this arrangement does not result in a reliable and exact control. . Both impulse counters are switched from one time interval to the next from the impulse transmitter to the return mechanism or vice versa.

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Materiály k výuce kursu IZI215 (Textové informace). Such aggregate activity is nonlinear, hence it cannot simply be derived from summation of individual components behavior.

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Pain, 1991, 45, p. 227–238. 22. STAUD, RC., VIERCK, J, CANON, RI., et al. Abnormal sensitiazation and temporal summation of second pain (wind up) in patiens with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Acta Universitatis Carolinae 2008 GEOGRAPHICA, No. 1–2, PAG...

Distance from the riverbed (floodplain spreads around the stream course). delineation, these parameters were combined (summation of relative values) to find areas, where was high probability of flood plain occurrence.

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Telemeter Compass Pro és una aplicació que permet calcular la distància des de la posició actual fins a un punt llunyà. . From some experiment we have done so far, the average accuracy of Manual Distance is falls between (+)3%.

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own practical experience and knowledge of the sampling and evaluation of mine water quality (both during mine development, mining activities and, after closure of the mine) from a hydrogeological viewpoint.

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Also results of. Summation: Q = Σ. Situation (a) is the one of three Nash equilibria that result from dominant strategies of